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Auto Glass Services in Huntington Station, NY

Auto Glass Services in Huntington Station, NY

If you need auto glass services in the Huntington Station area, look no further than the experts at Coventry Motors. We can help you with everything from repairing a cracked windshield to replacing a shattered window – all at quick turnarounds and very competitive prices.

Call our friendly ASE-certified technicians today to get a free quote, or schedule your visit with us!

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Whether you need an entirely new windshield or just a simple chip repair, our team at Coventry Motors can expertly handle it for you. We provide high-quality auto glass services to drivers in Huntington Station and surrounding areas in Long Island, NY.

We understand that dealing with a cracked windshield can be stressful, which is why we offer fast and convenient windshield replacement services. We also provide power window repair, sunroof repair, and moonroof repair and replacement so that you can get your car back to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Our shop has been around since 1999, and our technicians have decades of combined industry experience. You can have peace of mind that we deliver excellent services and use only the highest-quality glass on your car.

Auto Glass Services in Huntington Station, NY

Windshield Replacement and Repair in Huntington Station, NY

Windshield repair and upkeep are crucial aspects of car maintenance. It contributes to the overall appearance and appeal of your car. Moreover, it matters to your safety as it affects the visibility of objects on the road.

The windshield also acts as the brace for the passenger-side airbag in case of a collision. Additionally, it serves as roof-crush protection if ever you’re involved in a roll-over accident.

That’s why a chipped or cracked windshield can be dangerous, not to mention unsightly. Thankfully, auto glass repair is a quick and easy fix and often can be done in just one appointment with our automotive technicians.

If your auto glass is severely damaged, you may need a replacement. Installing a new windshield or other car glass can be a daunting DIY task, but our team at Coventry Motors is here to help. We offer auto glass replacement for numerous makes and models, and we’ll have your car looking and feeling new in no time.

Other Auto Glass Services That We Offer

The auto glass is an often overlooked but essential part of any vehicle. It protects you from the elements and can help keep your car’s interior safe and sound. If your auto glass is damaged, it’s vital to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Below are the most popular auto glass repair and installation services availed by our customers in Huntington Station, NY:

  • Auto glass chip repair in Huntington Station, NY – If you have a chip in your windshield, don’t wait to get it fixed. Chips can quickly turn into cracks, which can be much more difficult and expensive to repair. Our team at Coventry Motors can efficiently fix your auto glass chip at a reasonable price.
  • Power Window Repair – Power windows are a convenience that we often take for granted – until they stop working. If your power window motor is giving you trouble, our team at Coventry Motors can help. We offer power window repair for a variety of makes and models, and we’ll have your windows up and running in no time.
  • Sunroof and Moonroof Auto Glass Repair – Sunroofs are another luxury car feature that can sometimes go bad. Many of our clients in Huntington Station come to us with worn rubber seals on their sunroofs. This issue must be addressed ASAP before it results in sunroof leakage. This is also true for moonroofs since they are typically less durable than ordinary car roofs.

Auto glass repair in Huntington Station, NY

If you’re looking for auto glass repair or replacement service in Huntington Station, NY, you’ve come to the right place. We are the number one choice in Long Island when it comes to automotive repairs, routine maintenance, car detailing, and auto glass repairs.

When you have issues with your windshield, car window, or roof, just give us a call. You can schedule an appointment online or drive by our automotive shop at 160A West Hills Rd, Huntington Station, NY 11746.