Axle Repair & Service in Huntington Station, NY

Axle Repair & Service in Huntington Station, NY

Axle repair and maintenance are among the most common services a vehicle needs. The typical symptoms of a bent axle include vibrations while driving, grease leaks, faulty brakes, and clicking noises. In worse cases, you won’t be able to accelerate properly.

To prevent a breakdown down the line, call Coventry Motors right away. Our experienced and ASE-certified mechanics can perform all required procedures to repair your axle, differential, and driveshaft and restore them to their optimal condition. Moreover, we can accurately diagnose and fix axle or wheel issues before they become more critical and costly repairs.

Your Go-To Automotive and Axle Repair Shop in New York

With skilled auto technicians and state-of-the-art tools, we can repair your prized car at very competitive prices. We are also known for quick turnarounds and excellent customer service in the Long Island area. That’s why we get glowing 5-star reviews from customers in Huntington Station and surrounding areas in New York.

The Coventry Motors team also guarantees the highest quality of axle repairs. For your peace of mind and the best value for your money, our services are backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.

Drivetrain Maintenance and On-Point Axle Repair

Driving your vehicle regularly in extreme conditions and carrying heavy loads can put a strain on your front and rear axles. Leaving this unchecked can result in stress and damage to your drivetrain.

Symptoms of worn axles include rattling or knocking noises from under your car. These typically occur when you turn or accelerate. Keep an eye on these since they indicate that you might need a bearing and shaft replacement.

Our mechanics in Huntington Station will perform a thorough inspection of your axles. You can count on us to communicate honestly and clearly the condition of your car. Rest assured that we will also recommend only the necessary and most cost-effective procedures.

Moreover, we will check your driveshaft, differential, CV joint, and axle. We will clean or replace rusted components as needed to improve overall handling, fuel efficiency, and the longevity of your vehicle.

Axle Repair & Service in Huntington Station, NY

Axle Repair and Replacement Services

Our experts at Coventry Motors offer repair and part replacements for your vehicle. We can machine a slightly bent axle back to its original form.

If some components become rusted or damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with high-quality OEM parts that can last for a long time. These include axle shafts, bearings, and seals.

Also, you shouldn’t worry if you own a relatively older vehicle model. Their axle design and structural assembly may be different – but our seasoned mechanics in Huntington Station can handle them with no issues.

Benefits of Getting your Axle Repairs at Coventry Motors

Your vehicle will have noticeable improvements after a service appointment with us. Here are the top benefits of getting an axle repair from us, as noted by our satisfied customers in Huntington Station:

Quieter vehicle operation

A faulty axle produces loud thumps when you’re driving. These banging noises typically happen when you turn or drive over potholes, speed bumps, and dips on the road. Our repair and tune-up service will eliminate these annoying sounds.

No more vibrations

A bent axle can result in vibrations when the car is moving. You can typically feel this on your seat, and it can get uncomfortable. Our technicians in Huntington Station can repair your axle and eliminate vibrations coming from the undercarriage.

Better and more responsive braking

Your brake pads can become misaligned due to a bent or axle. These may shift and become misaligned with the wheels, resulting in skidding or slipping to a stop. Getting an axle repair from us ASAP will improve your brake’s performance and your safety on the road.

No more grease leakage

Faulty axle CV joints can cause grease leaks. It is not immediately detectable, but the joints will start gathering dirt and grime. We can fix this problem and prevent your axle from deteriorating rapidly.

Axle Repair in Huntington Station, NY

Contact Coventry Motors on the first signs of axle problems on your vehicle. Our team of ASE-certified technicians in New York will expertly repair your axle, driveshaft, UV joint, CV joint, and other related parts. Rest assured that we will handle your vehicle with expertise and care.

Just schedule an appointment today or visit our website to learn more. You also drive by our auto repair facility at 160A West Hills Rd., Huntington Station, NY 11746. We look forward to your visit!