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What is the role of an Axle Shaft?

  Axle Shaft is one of the essential parts of the vehicle’s movement. Axle shafts transfer the transmission’s rotational force and power to move the car forward, backward, left, or right. When the pressure from the transmission causes the axle shaft to rotate, the wheels connected to it also turn. As It is an integral part of your vehicle that carries your safety, have the Axled shaft checked at least once a year by the best auto mechanic shop in Huntington Station, New York.   

How to spot if an Axle Shaft replacement is needed

  Axle shafts are very critical when it comes to the car’s drivability. Without a proper working axle, driving will be difficult to handle and can even cause road accidents that we should avoid. It is not good to drive with a bad axle as it may come off your car as you go, and you will lose control of your vehicle. We do not want that to happen to you or anybody else. So, that is why we need to replace a bad axle shaft as soon as possible. Vibration comes from the undercarriage when you hear some noisy sound like clunk-clunk or clink-clink whenever changing gears or turning and when running into a deep pothole. You will notice leaking oil from the axle shaft means a crack that needs repairing, too, as lubricant will escape, and you will have difficulty steering the wheels. Lubrican is required for the bearings to lessen the friction of metal-to-metal contact. The lubricant forms a protective barrier between contact surfaces for the gears and brake discs and dissipates heat from those components as they operate. Lastly, when you are not able to move your car even when the engine is turned on, that is when you have a mobility problem. The Axle shaft has already been disconnected. Other parts of the axel system will be damaged too. It is like a ripple effect. When the axle gets damaged, this auto part will cost you a lot. Your wheels won’t correctly turn, and over time, your vehicle won’t be able to go at all. The axle bears the weight of the load in your car and the weight of the vehicle itself. Even the slightest damage can be cause for concern, especially if you have a long journey ahead of you.  

Only at the reliable source: Coventry Motors

  Coventry Motors at Huntington Station, NY, is the most reliable axle shaft replacement shop that you can find near you. They have been in the auto shop industry for over 20 years, and their technicians and mechanics are all ASE certified. The mechanics and technicians use state-of-the-art tools to repair and diagnose car problems. Do not worry if your vehicle is an old model. They can repair every auto that gets into their hands as they have the training and education to do axle shaft replacement repairs. They have axel shaft replacement models in all the different sizes and for other models. Axel shaft replacement parts are all available in their shop. They also give warranty for their parts and for their job done. If you are not satisfied with their work, you can bring the car back if it is still under warranty, and they will gladly do the job free of charge.    When you get your axle shaft replacement at Coventry Motors, you will experience a quieter vehicle operation. When an axle shaft is damaged, a noisy sound is produced, especially when turning or running into a pothole. Coventry Motors mechanics can eliminate that sound to give you peace and comfort when driving. When you feel the irritating vibration on your gas pedal, on your steering wheel, and even on your driver seat, the technicians from Coventry Motors will fix that problem coming from the undercarriage caused by a faulty axle shaft that needs replacement. Not only that, but they will also check your car’s brake pads to see if they are still aligned, as the brake pads tend to misalign when the axle shaft is faulty. You will have better security after they handle the repairs.    If you are unsure if your car has an axle shaft problem, schedule your car for a check-up, and they will gladly do it for you.  


  Do not ever run with a faulty car axle shaft, as it will cause you and your car a tremendous amount when you try to run long with it. Bring your vehicle to the only reliable auto shop in Huntington Station, New York, Coventry Motors that can fix your axle problems. Schedule an appointment online to have your axle problem fixed right away by their ASE-certified mechanics.