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Did you know that faulty brakes cause around 300,000 car crashes in the U.S. per year? Luckily, brake repairs don’t take long at your trusted auto repair shop. Yet there are still many car owners who don’t know when and where to have their brakes serviced. At Coventry Motors, customers can have their brakes checked and repaired with ease. Here are some common signs to look out for to know when to get your BMW brakes repaired near you:

The brake light is on

Modern cars come equipped with brake sensors. There are two lights on your dashboard associated with the braking system. The first one is the brake light and the other is the Antilock Braking System (ABS) light. While it is used to indicate faults somewhere along the braking system, the brake light also turns on when the parking brake is engaged. If the brake light stays on while the parking brake isn’t engaged, it’s time you visit an auto shop and get a BMW brake repair. An experienced technician will thoroughly inspect your brakes and perform repairs as needed.

Squealing or grinding noise

It’s completely normal to hear a high-pitched squealing noise when you hit the brakes. But this only happens when your brake pads are worn out. Brake pads come attached with a brake squealer or brake wear indicator. The brake squealer is basically a small metal tab that comes into contact with the rotor disc when the brake pad has worn out. Your brake pads are due for replacement once you hear squealing every time you hit the brakes. However, if you hear a grinding noise while braking, it’s a sign of something far worse. The grinding noise indicates contact between the rotor disc and the metal backing of the brake pad. This is something that you don’t want to happen. However, if you do hear grinding noises, visit your preferred auto repair shop and get BMW brake repair near you as soon as you can.

Vibration when you hit the brakes

Have you ever tried braking and it gives vibrating feedback? That vibration is caused by warped rotors. Excessive heat causes rotor deformation which reduces your car’s braking power. It is crucial to get  your BMW brakes repaired the moment you notice vibrations every time you hit the brake pedal. Resurfacing is a common method used to correct warped rotors. However, if the deformation is no longer manageable, the rotor discs would need to be replaced.

Fluid leaks

Is there a puddle of fish-smelling liquid underneath your car when you leave it parked? It could well be your brake fluid! Leaky brakes are not uncommon. The brake lines are under immense pressure and sometimes they fail. When your brake system has a leak, chances are, you would have a hard time stopping your car. Avoid going long distances after noticing the leak and get BMW brake repair near you immediately.

Soft brake pedal

It’s quite scary to be behind the wheel of a vehicle with a spongy or soft pedal. When you push the brake pedal all the way down without any resistance, you need to repair your BMW brake. A soft pedal is a sign of brake master cylinder failure. Moisture or air in the brake system can also cause a soft pedal. Either way, losing stopping power is never a good thing. Get your brakes checked at a reputable auto repair shop near you. A thorough diagnosis will be necessary to detect the cause of the problem to avoid it from recurring.

Burning smell

Was there a time when you were driving and suddenly smelled something burning? Overheated brakes cause this type of smell. Keeping your foot on the brake for too long or driving while the parking brake is engaged heats up the brake pads and produces that nasty, burning smell. It’s not a cause for concern when the burning smell goes away after adjusting your braking habit. However, if the burning smell remains long after you’ve disengaged the parking brake, you need BMW brake repair near you. The brakes could have become stuck for some reason and need to be freed.

The car pulls to one side

The stopping power from your brakes is controlled by hydraulic pressure. However, if there is uneven pressure, your car could pull to one side when you hit the brakes. Be sure to bring your BMW to a brake specialist. Equal pressure is necessary to ensure safety when driving. Your car’s handling will be affected if your car pulls to one side every time you engage the brakes. Get professional BMW brake repair near you for the best results.


Brakes play an important role in every vehicle. Cars need sufficient stopping power to adapt to the driving environment and avoid a collision. Your car’s brakes need regular maintenance and repairs. At the first sign of brake issues, do not delay needed services. Faulty brakes can put your life at risk. Don’t gamble with bad brakes. Have them serviced soon after you notice something off.

Coventry Motors is a one-stop auto repair shop in New York. Our goal is to provide the best auto repair experience for you and everyone. We do everything from alignment to transmission repair. The next time you have brake problems, you can count on us to provide fast and reliable brake repairs near you. Visit our website today to book an appointment.