BMW Repair, Service and History

BMW Repair and Service

BMW began in 1916 and had a long and rich history of diligence. It started as an airplane engine company but adapted to stay relevant, from aircraft to motorcycles to an automobile manufacturer, mergers and takeovers. Throughout the 1930s, BMW extended its range into bigger luxury cars and sports cars. BMW continues their pursuit for excellence throughout the years.

In the 1960s, BMW produced coupes and luxury sedans to increase their reach. During that time, they became the leading sports car manufacturer. In 1972, the 5 Series, mid-size sedan was established, and the compact 3 Series in 1975, followed by large luxury sedans in 1978, the 6 Series and 7 Series. They were aggressively expanding their reach of luxury car owners and continued matching those who demand the ultimate driving experience. 

BMW has a factory in South Carolina that can produce up to 1,500 cars every day, where the BMW X series are made. BMWs have been officially sold in the U.S. since 1956 and manufactured since 1994. 

BMW has been the standard for added performance, interior comforts, and their status as a sophisticated luxury car. Drivers alike have continued to rely on BMW vehicles for those reasons, and to enjoy more of their cars, scheduled maintenance and recommended service programs must be followed. Each model has a different service plan to help maximize its performance and extend its lifespan. At Coventry Motors, our ASE-master certified technicians have years of experience working with BMWs and offer owners throughout Huntington Station, NY, a reliable and trustworthy shop for complete BMW repair and maintenance. Call us at (631) 547-6430 and set an appointment with us now!

BMW Repair and Service

BMW Repair

Driving a BMW is quite an experience everybody wants to have at least once. However, some drivers don’t see the complex commitment necessary to properly diagnose a BMW to get that utmost driving experience they are famous for. BMW manufacturers will tell you that repairing one requires more experienced and skilled mechanics because an average work simply won’t suffice. Whether it is service maintenance appointments or BMW repair that needs attention or analysis to determine more specific damage, more and more BMW drivers choose the experts at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station.

Our BMW specialists have helped drivers maintain and service their ultimate driving machine easier. BMW owners throughout the Huntington Station area know that our workmanship is like the dealership’s quality. Coventry Motors is your go-to shop for BMW repairs and offers a complete service for your BMW available. Our BMW repair includes transmission, exhaust, suspension and steering inspection, alignment, electrical, engine repair and much more!

Our BMW mechanics use the latest factory equipment to ensure your car maintains high quality and performance. We at Coventry Motors are determined to offer the best service for your BMW even down to the fluid and oil used for routine service schedules. You don’t have to put up with the overcrowded dealership, you can rest assured your BMW receives the service and maintenance it requires here at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station. Delivering maintenance and BMW repairs that will help make your car perform as good as new. The technicians at Coventry Motors will take care of your BMW as if it were our own.

Located at 160A West Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746, servicing and conducting BMW repair from around the surrounding areas too! We have the experience, knowledge and dedication that is critical to ensure your BMW is well maintained. So, instead of struggling to follow and study the maintenance plan for your vehicle or leaving it on less-experienced mechanics, let us handle this for you. Whether you need BMW repair or maintenance, our friendly staff at Coventry Motors are here to help you keep on the road. 

Bring your BMW to our shop at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station and experience the difference. Make your appointment with our most qualified BMW repair and maintenance experts. We back our work with a 3-year/ 36,000-mile warranty, and our entire team solely focus on delivering a top-notch customer service experience! We specialize in BMW repair and service so you can sit back and relax knowing that your BMW is in the best of hands. Visit us at Coventry Motors, 160A West Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746 or call us at (631) 547-6430 and set an appointment with us today!