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Breezy Park

Nestled at the northwest corner of West Rogues Path and Oakwood Road in Huntington Station, New York 11746, Breezy Park is a hidden gem in the heart of the community. This 11-acre park is more than just a recreational space; it is a testament to the dedication and hard work of local residents and the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club, who tirelessly campaigned to preserve the land from potential development and transform it into a state-of-the-art facility for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable park and its story. A great place to also visit.


Preservation of Green Space

Before Breezy Park became the vibrant recreational area it is today, it was the site of the former Mohlenhoff Nursery. As urbanization and development threatened the natural beauty of the area, local residents and the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club rallied to ensure that this green space would remain untouched. Their collective efforts paid off, and in July 2006, both Huntington and Suffolk County successfully acquired the property for a sum of $4.1 million, securing it for recreational use.


A Versatile Sports Oasis

Breezy Park is more than just a typical sports facility. It has been designed to cater to the diverse interests of the local community. The park features multi-purpose playing surfaces that are reminiscent of other renowned sports facilities in the area, such as Veterans Park in East Northport and Manor Field Park in Huntington Station. These versatile surfaces make it a hub for various field sports, including soccer, lacrosse, and football.


A Heartfelt Tribute to Brianna Titcomb

The park’s name, Breezy Park, carries a deeply poignant story behind it. It is named in memory of Brianna Titcomb, a 13-year-old soccer enthusiast and an active member of the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club. Tragically, her life was cut short when she was killed by a drunk driver in Texas in 2005. The affectionate nickname “Breezy” was given to her by her teammates, reflecting the pure joy she brought to the sport she loved.


To honor Brianna’s memory and the indelible impact she had on her community, Joseph and Nikki Gregory made a generous donation of $1 million on behalf of the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club. This donation played a pivotal role in bringing Breezy Park to life, ensuring that the park would stand as a testament to Brianna’s love for soccer and her vibrant spirit.


At the entrance to one of the park’s two synthetic turf fields, a beautiful statue has been standing in honor of Brianna. It serves as a touching reminder of her presence and her enduring love for the sport.


Amenities for All Ages

Breezy Park extends far beyond its sports facilities; it’s a haven where individuals and families, regardless of age, gather to unwind and enjoy themselves. With a diverse array of amenities, the park caters to a wide spectrum of interests:


  • Lighted Multi-Sports Synthetic Turf Fields: These state-of-the-art fields are the heart of the park, providing a high-quality playing surface for soccer, lacrosse, and football enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to have some fun, these fields have you covered.
  • Grass Practice Area: For those who prefer traditional grassy fields, Breezy Park offers a dedicated practice area, perfect for honing your skills or enjoying a casual game with friends and family.
  • Children’s Playground (Ages 2-12): Breezy Park is more than just a sports haven; it’s a family-friendly oasis. The playground is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and joyful experience for kids, ensuring their well-being and fun.
  • Restroom Building: Restroom facilities are available for the convenience of park visitors, making your stay comfortable and worry-free.
  • Parking (190 Vehicles): Worried about parking? Breezy Park has you covered with ample parking space for up to 190 vehicles, ensuring that your visit is hassle-free.


Group Use Permits

In addition to its regular events and recreation programs, the Town of Huntington requires permits for the use of its sports fields. These permits are available on a limited basis to groups and organizations, allowing them to utilize the top-notch facilities at Breezy Park for their events and activities.


Breezy Park, with its rich history and dedication to the community, stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through community efforts and the spirit of remembering and honoring a cherished member of the community. It is a place where residents can come together to celebrate their love for sports, nature, and the memory of a young girl who brought joy and inspiration to all who knew her. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a family looking for a fun day out, or an organization seeking a quality venue for your events, Breezy Park welcomes you with open arms. Visit this exceptional park and be a part of the legacy of Breezy. More >>