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Buick Repair, Service and History

Buick Repair and Service

Most people in the U.S. are familiar with the diverse look and feel of a Buick. It is one of the largest and oldest automakers in the U.S. and its first automobile was created back in 1899. The first Buick model sold was the 1904 Model B. The company rapidly increased its production, moving from Flint to a factory operation in Detroit, Michigan.

The first Buick that qualifies as full-size and with a four-cylinder engine surfaced about in 1907. From that time on, many other options became available. Seatbelts, new types of transmissions and warning light signals later entered the scene. In about ten years, Buick was producing nearly 10,000 cars a year.

Buick has always aimed to combine both affordability and luxury in one vehicle. Even monarchs from around the globe treated themselves to the distinctions that only a Buick can offer! Monarchs such as the British Edward VIII made news in the 1930s when he acquired a custom Buick car. While on royal tours, it was also becoming a favorite of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth! Today Buick is known for its sophisticated style and comfort, selling millions of vehicles worldwide.

Buick is indeed one of the oldest vehicle brands, having completed almost 112 years of manufacturing quality vehicles. Its modern luxury brand showcases sculpted designs, luxurious interiors with helpful and personal technologies, together with its efficient running performance. Routine vehicle maintenance is still vital because it keeps your Buick safe to drive and maintain utmost condition. Although recognized for having a full-size sedan that caters to retirement-age buyers, Buick now includes sports cars and SUVs to attract young buyers. At Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, we work on all Buick makes and models including Enclave, LaCrosse, Cascada, Verano, Regal and Encore! No matter what kind of Buick service you need, our team at Coventry Motors is for you and your needs. 

Buick Repair and Service

Expert Technicians for Buick Repair and Services in Huntington Station, NY

Whether you need a general inspection or overhaul of your Buick, we at Coventry Motors in Huntington station have the necessary diagnostic tools and equipment for your Buick repair and maintenance needs! We offer oil and fluid changes, engine repair and maintenance, transmission, brakes, driveline and axles repair, scanning and programming services and much more! We provide regular service maintenance for Buick vehicles to avoid sizable damages that can potentially cost you more in the future. We’ll ensure to keep your Buick running in its top condition and stay for years and years to come.

If you own a Buick, Coventry Motors can execute and handle all sorts of Buick repair and maintenance your vehicle needs! From exhaust, brake service to engine work and much more services that would truly benefit your Buick. Our diagnostic process and honest approach to Buick repair and maintenance ensure that it’s fixed and at its peak performance.

Our mechanics are ASE-master certified, skilled and experienced working with Buick repair and upkeep services. They also undergo continuous learning and training to get the latest of Buick’s automobile innovations. We at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, know how to care for your Buick as if it’s our own. Not all auto repair shops in the Huntington Station area have high standards and are capable of Buick repair, so come and visit us at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY.

Honesty and integrity are key elements in providing the best care of your Buick and even our community as a whole. As the leading Buick repair and maintenance shop in Huntington Station, we persevere to reflect those values in and out of work as much as possible. So, you can count on us to maintain your Buick safe and reliable for you and your loved ones! Bring your Buick to our shop at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station. We’re located at 160A West Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746 or call us at (631) 223-4372 and set an appointment with us now!

To know more about the services we offer, browse through our website or visit us at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station and talk to one of our ASE-master certified mechanics. Our dedicated technicians are happy to help with your Buick repair and maintenance needs.