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Coventry Motors has been the go-to auto repair shop in Huntingon Station, NY for 20 years. We’ve got plans to grow in 2020 and are looking for a tech with 2 years of experience or 2 years of automotive school experience, with a drive to be the best, and a passion for helping their community get back on the road safe and sound. We offer great pay, a positive working environment, and wonderful customers.
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Mission Statement

At Coventry Motors, we believe that having the right culture is key to having a winning team. Our team is composed of individuals who are committed to sharing the same vision. For a team to collaborate and function effectively, it is essential for new team members to share the same vision. Working as a team, we can build a great culture and working environment that everyone can enjoy while enhancing their career. We take great pride in the work we perform and are continually setting goals to be the best in the industry. Coventry Motors has earned an excellent reputation for the high level of quality we provide our customers, being a leader in the industry based on the relationships we have with our vendors and other repair shops, which frequently refer us to work and consult us on technical matters.

An essential component of our mission is to provide premium quality auto repair to our customers. This entails providing vehicle-specific maintenance and repairs by performing a thorough inspection of each vehicle so we can educate and help our customers understand the condition of their vehicle, the work required, and the cost in order to meet or exceed performance standards and perform repairs that meet or exceed the criteria of Coventry Motor’s 3 years/36,000 mile Nationwide Warranty.

Coventry Motors is an exceptional working environment because we strive to associate with extraordinary people who also share a strong desire to work at their highest potential. We also place a high value on our team members and provide the support needed to help them attain their goals.

Our team members are not interested in just coming into work and doing an ok job. Being part of the Coventry Motors team means holding yourself to the highest standards, enabling us to stand out in the industry and deliver our clients a high caliber of service unmatched by others.

Coventry Motors has a strong commitment to providing the highest level of excellence in everything we do. Through our interactions with our team members, customers, and vendors, we accomplish this by meeting other obligations such as civic and social responsibilities by demonstrating integrity, clear communication, and peak performance that sets Coventry Motors apart as the premier automotive service facility.


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