Expert Drive Train Repair and Service in Huntington Station, NY

Drive Train Repair and Service in Huntington Station, NY

Your vehicle’s drive train is a vital component that transmits energy from the engine down to your wheels. If you experience rough handling, poor gas mileage, or the inability to run your car at all, you might need a drive train repair ASAP.

That’s where Coventry Motors come in. Our automotive repair shop offers comprehensive drive train repair and maintenance services to car owners in Huntington Station and surrounding areas in Long Island, NY. Besides fixing your drive train from bumper to bumper, we will help prevent any automotive issue from becoming costly repairs down the line. Schedule a service today, or call our seasoned techs to learn more.

Reliable Drive Train Repair Technicians in Huntington Station

Our shop in Long Island, NY, is home to auto repair professionals with decades of industry experience. We will ensure that your car and its drive train, from the transmission system to your wheels, are in tip-top condition. 

You can count on us to recommend only the necessary and cost-effective repairs for your vehicle. Additionally, we keep our ASE certification and maintain the highest standards for automotive services. Equipped with continual training and factory-grade tools, we will expertly handle your domestic or foreign vehicle with utmost expertise.

Drive Train Repair and Service in Huntington Station, NY

Transmission Services and Drive Train Repair

Your transmission is a central component of the drive train system. With its dozens of moving parts, the transmission is responsible for changing gears and transmitting energy from the engine to the rest of the drive train. 

You will have noticeable performance dips if you have a faulty transmission. Moreover, it can release burning odors in your cabin and trigger the check engine light. Contact our drive train repair experts in Huntington Station right away if you notice any of these.

Using computer-aided diagnostics, we will pinpoint the issue behind your faulty drivetrain. We can expertly handle any CVT, manual, or automatic transmission vehicle.

Drive Train and Differential Services in Huntington Station

If you notice rapid tire wear accompanied by difficult steering, you likely have a differential issue. The differential is another critical drive train component that lets you turn smoothly. In other words, it evenly distributes the torque from the engine to your gears and wheels.

Your drive train will be subjected to extra stress if the drive train is malfunctioning. Often, the solution is a simple tune-up and differential fluid replacement. Let us have a look, and we can prolong the lifespan of your differential, its axle, and the entire drive train of your car.

NY Tire and Suspension Services

Your tires and wheels are also included in the drive train system. They experience the immense day-to-day strain of bearing the vehicle’s weight and staying in contact with the road.

You probably have misaligned or imbalanced wheels if you experience vibrations while speeding along New York highways. Our drive train repair specialists offer solutions to these problems.

First, we perform wheel balancing. This entails adding weights to your wheels and ensuring their equal distribution for you to have smoother rides.

Secondly, our auto repair shop in Huntington Station also offers wheel alignment. We use computerized equipment to ensure that the angles in your suspension system are restored to factory-recommended settings. This will reduce uneven tire wear and reduce vibrations when you drive at high speeds.

We also have a wide selection of high-quality tires. If you have a worn set and need a replacement, just make an appointment with us.

Drive Train Repair and Shocks/Struts Replacement

Another likely reason behind a faulty drive train is a worn suspension. In addition to wheel alignment, we can inspect your shock absorbers and struts and replace them if needed.

Worn shocks and struts cannot effectively control the springing motion of your car. This can cause noticeably bumpier rides – especially when you make a turn or drive on a bump. After a drive train repair or service at Coventry Motors, you will have more comfortable rides again. This can even help improve fuel efficiency and reduce strain on the rest of your drive train.

Drive Train Repair in Huntington Station, NY

Entrust your prized vehicle and its drive train only to our experienced and honest technicians in New York. You can trust us to get your car back on the road with a fast turnaround at reasonable prices.

Please call our friendly staff if you have more questions about our drive train service. You can also make an appointment online or drive by our auto repair center at 160A West Hills Rd, Huntington Station, NY 11746.