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GMC Repair, Service and History

GMC Repair and Service

GMC, formerly the General Motors Truck Company, is a division of the American automaker General Motors which mainly specializes in manufacturing trucks and utility vehicles. Currently, GMC makes SUVs, pickup trucks, vans and light-duty trucks, including the Yukon SUV, the famous Sierra truck line, and the Savana cargo van. These vehicles are offered to a premium-based market. In the past, GMC produced fire trucks, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, ambulances, motorhomes, transit buses and medium-duty trucks.

GMC was founded originally by Max Grabowsky in 1901 and rapidly grew to become a brand known for producing quality-driven utility automobiles that could go beyond and above the call of duty. General Motors officially acquired the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company that was the cornerstone of General Motors Truck Company. In the same year, General Motors also purchased the Reliance Motor Car Company, and in 1911 both companies merged. The first GMC truck surfaced in 1912.

The first GMC truck was so successful that it stole the audience’s attention at the New York International Auto Show. The brand was off to an outstanding sale of more than 22,000 units. During World War I, the company manufactured 8,500 trucks for the war effort. Over 90 percent of all GMC trucks were military vehicles by 1918.

GMC has gained multiple recognition nationwide by breaking records and exhibiting astounding stunts, showcasing the capabilities of their vehicles. The brand is constantly innovating and redefining the automobile manufacturing industry since becoming a household name over the first 40 years of its history. From hydraulic brakes replacing the mechanical system in 1937 to the introduction of three new engines in 1940. Pushing the limits of the industry and even more than a century now, GMC continues to be a giant auto manufacturer today. 

GMC Repair and Service

Bring your GMC at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, and our friendly technicians will recommend suitable GMC repair and service schedule options you can choose or you can reach us at (631) 223-4372 for GMC auto repair!

The best GMC repair and maintenance service provider in Huntington Station, NY

When your GMC needs a repair, our Certified ASE-master technicians will thoroughly diagnose the issue and pinpoint the component or system that’s causing your GMC to perform off the mark. Honesty is one of the goals we follow, so we’ll never recommend a GMC repair that you don’t need or change vehicle parts that can still be used. Our mechanics at Coventry Motors will inform you of the accurate details you need to ensure your GMC is safe and reliable again.

We understand the disappointing feeling of inconvenience if your GMC doesn’t work the way you expect it to be at any given time. Whether you drive it or not, you would want your GMC to be reliable and safe to drive at all times as possible. That’s why we at Coventry Motors are here to take care of your GMC repair and upkeep requirements in Huntington Station. Accepting every GMC vehicle as if it were our own, paying attention even to the smallest details and answering your inquiries along the way. Our dedicated team, from our mechanics to our staff, desire to deliver exceptional customer service so that you’ll get comfortable with the GMC repair and service we provide.

Our ASE-master Certified technicians here at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, are ready and capable to handle any issues your GMC vehicle may have, regardless of its makes and models! From drivetrain, brakes to engine issues, AC and cooling systems, fuel, emissions and exhaust repairs, our knowledgeable and trained technicians are here to handle a wide array of services your GMC needs. Proper preventive maintenance can significantly reduce most recurring issues and extend the useful life of your GMC. We also offer a pre-purchase inspection service!

We understand that GMC is a present from General Motors that combines performance and luxury, creating an economical package of SUVs and trucks for the taking. The GMC brand has indeed become synonymous with uncompromised reliability while harnessing luxurious features since it introduced its iconic Denali Trim. Let Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, keep your GMC running at its peak condition and performance by conducting regular maintenance and GMC repairs. Visit us at Coventry Motors, 160A West Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746 or call us at (631) 223-4372 and set an appointment with us now!

To know more about the auto services we offer, browse through our website or visit us at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, and talk to one of our ASE-master certified mechanics. Our dedicated technicians are happy to help with your GMC repair and maintenance needs.