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Mamajuana Cafe Huntington: Discover the Flavors of Latin Cuisine

The Mamajuana Cafe Huntington in Huntington Station, New York is the best for vibrant and tasty dining. Latin dishes one is the best place to dine at 555 E Jericho Turnpike, they will give you a whole new take on ancient flavors.


A Culinary Adventure with a Rich History

Mamajuana Cafe Huntington is not just a restaurant but a piece of history. The restaurant concept was born in the year 2000 in Inwood, NY, with a unique vision: for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and for the menu inspired by old-world spices combined with a modern Asian twist.


This restaurant concept of a Dominican has developed very successfully and expanded to eight locations in New York and New Jersey. Mamajuana Cafe Huntington is a new restaurant in South Huntington on Long Island.


Mamajuana Cafe Huntington boasts a menu with Latin cooking in the center. It entails mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, fresh salads, sides, as well as delicious desserts. Whether you like Latin classics or something new, you find what you are going to eat. Browse next article.


Location and Hours

Mamajuana Cafe Huntington is located at the crossroad of Depot Road in South Huntington Long Island and is easily accessible within the town center. The restaurant opens its doors from Monday to Thursday, welcoming guests from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Check this out.


Contact Information

Contact Mamajuana Cafe Huntington at 631-923-3686 or 631-923-3687 if there are any queries or to book. They have an email address for convenience lovers of digital communication. Customers can also order from other delivery platforms like ToastTab and Seamless and enjoy these mouth-watering offerings.


Rave Reviews

Mamajuana Cafe in Huntington Station has captured the hearts of its customers, earning a 4-Star from Yelp, based on 148 reviews. The restaurant has delectable dishes, a smooth service, and a vibrant setting that encourages repeat visit by the restaurant’s diners. It is not just for eating, but for having great food to accompany the company of friends, family, and good companions.

Mamajuana Cafe Huntington is not only a restaurant but a vibrant Latin-inspired community center. Mamajuana Cafe would be an experience that would tickle your palate and your heart especially if you are a local search for your next favorite restaurant. Do not allow yourself to miss the chance to have a taste of the gastronomic delicacies it presents.


So, why wait? For Latin food, go to Mamajuana Cafe Huntington or order for delivery. As you eat this treasure of Huntington Station, New York, you will bless your buds of taste for your understanding.