Huntington Station Auto Repair Testimonials


Coventry Motors has a dedicated team of auto repair specialists that provide quality customer satisfaction. We constantly improve our skills and equipment to bring you the best auto repair experience. We look forward to working with you.

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Clearly, you guys are professional mechanics as opposed to the part replacers you find in most shops. You’re efficient, up to date, highly skilled and totally on your game. Your customer relations and communication methods are likewise excellent and you go the extra mile. Buffing out the paint smears was a very nice touch and much appreciated. The car was returned to us in better condition than when we gave it to you and rides just fine. On the down side, you guys are pricey but on the up side, the old saw that you get what you pay for happens to be true in your case so I don’t mind paying top dollar for top quality service and attention. Bottom line: We are your customers from here on out. I wouldn’t consider going anyplace else.
Tony M
For years my 2003 Subaru WRX never felt right. I would bring it to places and they barely could find any issues let alone repair them. After my car stopped starting, along with a bunch of another issues, my dad Suggested I take it to Coventry. Long story short, Andrew and his team found every issue and then some, fixed them, and made my car feel like new again. I’ll never bring my car anywhere else. Thanks!
Had them replace the front tire on my Mercedes. They charged a very low price and the work was excellent. They also performed a service on the same car which would have cost 3x as much at my dealership. I highly recommend them if you have a german car and don’t want to spend thousands on a service.
Coventry is the best in the business. I brought in my Jeep with serious issues and the Coventry staff had the job done quickly with great communication. The final price of the work was even cheaper than the initial estimate and I cannot be happier with all that Andrew and the team did. Thank you!
Coventry Motors is outstanding. The recent checkup and service on our 2008 Volvo V70, that we requested before a road trip, was comprehensive covering the condition of all major components of the car. We discussed with Andrew those items that should be taken care of now, and those that can wait until the future (i.e. Brake pad/disc remaining life). All work performed was done to our satisfaction. It is evident that they take pride in their work. To the “Dealer” no more!
Richard C
Coventry Motors are great! Honest, reliable – they know my car and how to maintain it to the highest level! When they say they treat your car as if it is their own, I can honestly say this is true! Do not go anywhere else !
It was my good fortune to discover “Coventry Motors” recently. I drive an aging H3 hummer they diagnosed the problem and made the appropriate corrections . I highly recommend their experience, knowledge , and willingness to work with you to solve the issue.
michael flesch
Coventry motors always supplies the best, most in depth care. They are honest and clear and always work with you. They even dropped me off at work the last time I brought my car in 🙂 not only that but they are stand up people. Always friendly and smiling. I would only recommend them to everyone and
Julia Garetano
I just got my 2009 Nissan Frontier back, and I swear it feels like a new truck. These guys are the best! I brought my truck in for a full diagnostic, and they were the most thorough of any service station I have ever been to in the past. I will recommend them to anyone who needs an honest service st
Erick Alburez
Always a great job, Thanks
Robert McCloskey