Saturn Repair, Service and History

Saturn Repair and Service

Once a different car company, Saturn was originally a separate automotive company owned by General Motors. Saturn was managed independently at the start, unlike GM’s other automobile brands, including Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and the Pontiac. However, it was bought into the GM atmosphere, then later discontinued. The production of Saturn vehicles began in 1990, as the sedan and coupe versions of the iconic 1991 S-Series. Two years later, a new model was added, a station wagon, giving this model line three body options that would help the company survive through its first decade of existence.

The S-Series was so successful that it received various awards, showcasing a line of compact cars powered by a 1.9-liter four-cylinder engine with manual four-speed or automatic five-speed transmissions. Among those celebrated accolades on the automobile were Intellichoice Motorweek, J.D. Power & Associates, Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine. There were over 2 million S-Series produced before Saturn Ion replaced it in 2003.

It wasn’t until 2000 that a second Saturn model vehicle surfaced. The midsize L-Series were available in sedan and station wagon body designs. Unlike the S-Series, the new L-series was produced at a GM plant in Delaware, a model based on the German-made vehicle model, Opel Vectra.

Saturn Repair and Service

Saturn continued to expand its lineup, adding the crossover Vue in 2002, the Relay minivan in 2005 and both Outlook crossover and Sky roadster in 2007. When Relay was launched, GM began to abandon Saturn from offering unique models, rebadging only the existing GM vehicles to expand Saturn’s product line. Going on, the and Ion were both replaced by Aura and Astra, respectively.

The end of Saturn happened alongside the fortunes of its parent, GM. The parent company lost tens of billions of dollars, facing bankruptcy and extinction. The GM chairman at that time, Rick Wagoner, explained the company would continue focusing on its four core brands the Cadillac, Buick, GMC and Chevrolet while planning to discontinue or sell other brands. As of its youngest brand, Saturn, Wagoner said that the company would explore alternatives. However, GM failed to find the best resort for Saturn and was forced to stop its production in 2009, and a year later was officially discontinued.

Quality repair and service for Saturn in Huntington Station, NY

Although GM discontinued producing Saturn brand vehicles in 2010, there are still numerous Saturn automobiles on the road today. If you’re looking for quality Saturn repair and service in Huntington Station, Coventry Motors is your number one option for the job. We are proud to service all models of Saturn, including Saturn S-Series, L-Series, Vue, Ion, Relay Sky, Aura and much more.

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When your Saturn needs repairs or servicing, trust Coventry Motors auto repair shop to handle your exceptional car. Our technicians are ASE Master Certified, trained to perform high-quality work. We can provide manufacturer recommended vehicle maintenance with your Saturn needs, saving your time and effort from bringing your Saturn to a dealer. 

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