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Scion Repair, Service and History

Scion Repair and Service

Scion is a vehicle brand under Toyota which was first acquired in 2003 and stopped production by the end of 2016. The Scion brand was designed to meet the demands of younger customers, featuring sports compact vehicles. The name Scion means the descendant or heir of a family. It refers to the brand and itself being a younger progeny of Toyota and its target customers being the younger family members of the existing Toyota owners. This unique strategy of gaining the targeted generation Y demographic relies on viral and guerilla marketing, using the internet and social media platforms heavily before other automakers could act. 

Toyota officially announced to phase out the Scion brand after the 2016 model year.  The FR-S, iA, and iM models were rebadged as Toyota models for 2017, except for the tC, which was entirely discontinued. The new C-HR was also moved to Toyota marque after originally being introduced as a Scion.

A peculiar brand, selling rebadged Japanese, or international market Toyota models, Scion at first seemed to show a lot of promise. The company began to attract younger customers with the boxy xB, which was boxy-shaped, fuel-efficient, practical, affordable, and trendy, having several features appealing to younger buyers. Its counterpart, the xA, was a more traditionally styled and tedious compact car but proved reasonably popular.

Scion Repair and Service

The FR-S sports coupe has been successful in the US automotive market, but it wasn’t enough to save the brand. Scion vehicles were criticized as having an unsatisfactory quality, expensive for their target younger generation, and having poorer warranty compared to their competitors. The declining sales numbers are one of the reasons Toyota decided on discontinuing the brand. Many of its models are still on the road even when discontinued by Toyota. If you happen to have one and are searching for a reliable Scion repair and service center in Huntington Station, Coventry Motors is the perfect shop for the job!

Quality Scion repairs and service shop in Huntington Station, NY

Coventry Motors is your top-notch Scion repairs and service shop option in Huntington Station, offering high-quality work on your vehicle of any Scion model. Regular preventive maintenance services such as oil changes, tune-ups and fluid levels inspection can help extend the life of your Scion for many years to come. Our shop at Coventry Motors not only offers mundane services but quality, extensive works also, including brakes repair, engine or transmission replacement, exhaust repair, A/C repair, overhaul, wheel alignment, scanning and programming, drivetrain, axle and more! We use state-of-the-art equipment and service tools to handle your Scion properly.

We at Coventry Motors are a team of friendly and accommodating staff. When you enter our office, you will be greeted by our staff and collect your initial information and concerns. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent customer experience, putting a smile on your face once you drive your Scion back on the road in safe and smooth condition. Our office is remodeled for your comfort with free internet available too! We are committed to building a wholesome, long and lasting relationship with our customers. Visit us at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, or you can reach us at (631) 223-4372 for Scion repair and service needs! We’re more than happy to have you and your Scion.

The best Scion repairs and service technicians in Huntington Station, NY

We understand that you treasure your Scion as one of your life’s investments. That’s why we at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station deliver nothing but top Scion repair and maintenance only. Thanks to our group of Certified ASE-Master Technicians who underwent high-quality training and with numerous experiences working with Scion vehicles. Rest assured your Scion is in the best of hands. Bring your Scion to our shop at Coventry Motors, 160A West Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746 or you can contact us at (631) 223-4372 and set an appointment today!

To know more about the auto services we offer, browse through our website or visit us at Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, NY, and talk to one of our friendly staff. Our dedicated team is happy to help with your Scion repair and maintenance needs.